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How We Cured My Husband's Insomnia
Author: Danielle Papageorgiou
I want to share my husband's insomnia cure--not as something that will work for anyone, but as a possibility of what might work for some of you. I really hope it does help someone else.

My husband suffered from insomnia for about three years. On a typical night, he would go to sleep at a normal time, but feel completely unrested the next morning. On other nights, he would not be able to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Being very health conscious people, we searched and searched for the answer to why he was not sleeping. We did not want to resort to sleeping pills and felt that there had to be a reason why. We finally seem to have found the elusive answer.

Basically, I did all the searching to find out what was wrong with him. He was just doing his best to survive, so I considered it my labor of love! Recently, I came to the conclusion that he is suffering from leaky gut, which can cause a host of illnesses and diseases, including allergies, chemical sensitivities, and insomnia, which he had.

Leaky gut is a condition in which your intestinal wall has become too porous. This means you cannot absorb nutrients from your food effectively and large pieces of food travel into your bloodstream, causing all kinds of problems. Different bodies handle this situation differently, but it will result in autoimmune reactions or diseases (celiac disease, MS, chemical sensitivities, allergies, etc.).

The solution to this condition is to basically eat a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables so the intestines can heal. We realized that our diet had become unbalanced and did not include nearly enough fresh produce. So, we have now started a mainly raw diet for a while. We figured it couldn't hurt, since a healthy diet, in my opinion, should be about 75% fresh fruits and vegetables anyway. We have also been juicing carrots and apples every night before bedtime for over a week now. This, I believe, has made the biggest difference! Since doing this, he has not had a single bad night and his mood has drastically improved.

My logic for starting the juicing was this: Since leaky gut causes the body to not be able to absorb nutrients, my husband would have vitamin deficiencies (which we already knew he did). So, by juicing, we would be getting all the nutrients out of, say, 10 carrots and two apples. There is no way he could eat all that at one sitting. Also, juice is much easier for the body to digest.

I knew carrots are very healthy and also contain a lot of calcium, which helps one sleep. Apples are also very nutritious and would make the juice a little sweeter. So, we do a carrot-apple juice. It is actually quite good. We have also sometimes added celery or spinach for more nutrients.

One note to those who want to try juicing is to be sure to buy a high-quality juicer that will retain the enzymes and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. We use a Green Life juicer. Champion is another good name. Do some research and spend the money it requires. You definitely do not want to skimp on this purchase! Even if it doesn't help you sleep better, it will improve your overall health to juice.

That's it. That's now our regimen every night. It is not easy to juice that often; it is time-consuming and required a lot of clean up. But, it is so worth it to see the man I love back to his happy self and just so much more optimistic about life! I just want to tell everyone I can and hopefully, someone will also benefit from our story!

About the Author

Danielle has been studying health and nutrition for about a decade. She owns a forum called NutritionTalkNow.comdedicated to the discussion of nutrition-related topics.